Superlux D112

What can you get for 49 €?

A decent micro for example. You can not necessarily say that it is worse than the "original". A little different maybe. Some may prefer it - who knows?

The strain-relief is definitely better. The capsule is sticked in? The cables and the transformer are quite sensitive, so manipulate carefully!

Who does not want to spend money for a Green Bullet, the Superlux is a good advice.

Selfmade chassis

The chassis of the Superlux is great for building up your own microphone. Used ones often come cheap. A potentiometer is already in, the cable hole has the correct diameter for the tap to install a Switchcraft (Amphenol) connector. Important: the color must come down - it is dissolving. The grill can be polished the casing painted. I've used resin - easy to paint, runs well and is durable.