The Pro Sr.

Abi Wallenstein asked me for a small amp, because he travels a lot by train. 5kg and the power of a Pro Jr. with less mids and more features seemed challenging. The result was the Pro Sr., a very interesting tiny amp.


It's got the poweramp from the "Greenie", the preamp is something between Marshall and Fender. I tried the Pro Jr. circuit before, but it was noisy and the gain was unpleasant. There are knobs for bass and treble. The mids are set by the "decade" switch, which also controls the gain. The 50s setting sounds like a tweed amp, the interim position has "modern" mids but the tonestack is active. In the 60s setting, the sound is thinned out like we know it from a Deluxe Reverb.

At the rear, there is a speaker output and the XLR output from the microphone in the baffle, which was taken from the "Redneck" and does a good job here as well.