The Greenie

Beside The Brownie and The Redneck for harp, there is The Greenie for guitar, It is a "Marshall 18W" type without vibrato. For its size, there is a lot power with high gain reserves.


The Greenie has a 2xEL84 power amp, which was almost completely taken over by the "18W". The bias current is set a little lower. The first triode can be switched serial and there is still some overdrive from the diode. So you have 3 sound variations with the switch.

The 8 "can implement the performance pretty good, the cabinet does not have problems with noise or heat, but there is no longer space for the power cord. It is an "advanced" OT installed, so you can connect 4-16 ohms, but there was only room for two jacks, so 4 and 8 ohms got wired.

On the board, there is a lineout on the right side that you could connect on the outside, if necessary - you have to add some jacks then, anyway. On the left side is the balancing of the heating and power supply for LED or relay (if needed).


The three gain stages without FX units, recorded with a Strat and a SM57 straight into the PC.

Clean 1

Clean 2

Crunch 1

Crunch 2

Lead 1

Lead 2