Marios suitcase

In the forum Mario wrote about his suitcase amp from the US and that it has to be repaired and if applicable converted to 230V. Since I used to have a matching transformer on the shelf, I said yes.

The suitcase was really quaint, the technique was not worthy to get repaired, by no stretch of the imagination. Therefore, everything was thrown out. I kept the door fittings.

The suitcase was fixed inside with aluminum tape, the edges in the opening got sanded flat ...

and an inner chassis made from multiplex and aluminum.

Oh, an amplifier should be there, too ... AX - EL84 in direct wiring.

The development of heat worried me a little , but that was no problem. Rather, the grounding of the different metal parts. The weight should go down and if possible no new holes, therefore the exploded composition.

So that you can also use the suitcase, a cover. The pocket on the left could be saved. Deodorant, toothbrush and painkillers ... everything fits in there.

There it is, the suitcase. The design could almost be completely preserved. The two 6" are not too bad - I think it sounds like it looks.
An entertaining and exciting project. The suitcase theme will eventually be picked up again.

Mario in concert