Golden Ton

This amp is certainly a good basis for modifications. I had no opportunity yet, but Gerald has adapted one to his personal taste. The "ton" was popular for harp players, because the Chinese soldered the bright cap upside down to the volume potentiometer. They also set a 6L6 in a 6V6 circuit.

This is one of Larrys "personally" modified boxes, he laid some cables in a better way, moved away the cathode resistor of the output tube from the electrolytic capacitor and built in the above mentioned bright cap properly. The amplifiers got the name affix "refined by Larry".

Gerald removed the bright cap, increased the input resistor from 1M to 5.6M and supplied the coupling capacitors with 0.1uF. A tweed tone control (with the original values ​​- see 5F2a) was added and the treble was taken down by a 10n via the second anode resistor. And then another 12AY7 - without cathode electrolytic capacitor. You see, we all come out with the same ...