EL Gordo

"The Fat One" replaces the PP30 in the modern series. This amp is also equipped with neat power and performance, but compared to the PPs, no more gadgets like 9V output or FX loop. An amplifier for Bluesharp that should be used, like a guitar amp is used for guitar: plug in and play.


The amplifier is equipped with the usual tone stack, which is particularly effective here. The gain can be controlled by a switch, which has proven against a potentiometer. There is an integrated foot-switchable delay, which is adjusted to the needs of a harp player. Internally, you can adjust the preamp level to match the amplifier with the micro and the playing style.

The 12" speaker does a good job and pleases. You can experiment with the tone stack, because the feedback is very low.

In things of designing, I wanted to go another way this time... it should look like an old, nailed box. This creates new possibilities and you do not have to pay attention. Patina makes everything even more beautiful.


First impressions, played by Markus.

El Gordo, no Delay

El Gordo with Delay

Resources / Downloads

I have not drawn a nice wiring scheme yet, just the layout for the milling machine.