The Bluesman PP

A lot of time and effort found their way into the development of this amplifier. It took a few years, now the circuit has reached maturity and if you want to compare it with one of the plans by Fender from the 50s, the 15W version comes close to the Princeton non reverb (also similar to the Seydel Hyperamp I). For the 30W, the Pro 5e5A is a good base.

This is my PP30 with tweed, tilt-back legs and a Weber. That's not necessary, but nice. The two Veterans also sound great and a bit louder, the Weber fades earlier and has a little softer sound.

The Bluesman in action

Basement session 2014 with Blueshaltestelle from Regensburg

Fritz and Sepp both play with a Bluesman PP, it was already pretty loud.

And like it always is with sound files...the perception is different, the bass on my speakers is way too boomy, but the sound of the harp is almost original.

The first finished version

The first finished version of the PP Blueman was a 15W with a 10" Eminence. The following data describes this amp.:

  • 9,5 kg
  • PP Fixed Bias power amplifier
  • frequency corrected lineout
  • level corrected FX loop
  • loop also adjustable as a boost
  • 9V supply from the amp for FX
  • 3 band EQ
  • "Dual Impedance" inputs

The 15W got pimped with a 12" in the meantime, which made it louder but the sound was not so well, especially low. Fortunately the WGS Veteran appeared and the 10" came back.

Sepp and the Bluesman (as seen above) with a 10" Veteran and the CarbonCopy Delay in the FX loop. 

The 30W Bluesmen began with a 12" + 10" cabinet. That had a nice bang but also came in pretty unhandy.

The picture shows the latest version with Cannabis Rex.

Because the 15W was too complicated in construction, it omitted. Too bad about these great amp. But the bolides won. Later a "Hot" switch was supplemented. That means more gain for either the preamp or the power amp and it changes the sound at a constant level. Even a passive impedance transformer has been integrated in the "HI" input.

As a speaker configuration the 2x10" has finally established. Here again Wolfgangs in black / red.