Memphis Mini

Although the amp in the photo looks like a proper amplifier, the processing and the choice of components is very chinese, but it works.

Essentially it is a sloppy Poor Bluesman, but I must admit that using the AU with the Poor Bluesman as my first choice was only after I had the Memphis Mini in hands the first time.

The transformers look quite powerful, but what for? Due to the low anode voltage you are limited in the options. But what the hell ... if you remove the stupid rectifier tube, it is already sufficient for the 6V6.

As expected, a "Ttsunami". The changes come to three additional capacitors and a good speaker, I may not forget the 12AU7.

The rectifier tube was the first thing I saw when I opened the package. Missing one pin. So I googled a bit. You do not get a 6Z4 so easy. A 6X4 fits, but you have to change the pin assignment and it needs more heating current.

Lots of reasons to look for two diodes and get the whole thing started.
When measuring the amp, frustration came up ... lots of strange values. So I first resoldered by eye ... now the values were fine. Only the heating? It's a 6.3V winding. It is not centered but grounded one-sided. If you center it (instead of grounding it), the hum gets louder. Removing the grounding, LESS hum! Very strange. The meter showed that the winding is already connected to the ground somewhere. I could not find this connection. Instead a wire from the transformer to the ground, which apparently has no function. Seemed weird to me.

In case you want to build it:
You buy a Ttsunami for 160 €. Bridge the first anode resistor with 2.2N, the second with 1.5n and in the tweed tone control the 4,7n gets doubled. In addition a AY or AU. The lineout is just a voltage divider 68k / 4.7k. Do not forget the tubes! Here in germany you take a G8C by WGS instead of the Weber ... and you get a boutique amp for 220 € - 250 €! For about 500 € I can get a used Marble Max, which is a lot better (although I'm not a "marble" fan, but this has to be said).

And if you do not believe that this is a Ttsunami, take a look at the picture.