Marble Max

A well-known name - the MAX.
Essentially a Fender Champ Silver Face with missing bass control and some other things. I only had old images of a version with EZ81 rectifier and 12AY7 preamp. Here are the pictures of a model with octal preamp 6SL7 which is wired like a AY. B

A beautifully crafted amplifier, if one could live without the vintage components and rectifier tube - almost perfect, unfortunately it is humming significantly. But consider the quality of the chromium and the workmanship of the edges. The imprint is funny though ... "Design and circuitry protectet" ... by whom, by Fender?

It's just a small amp and has little fundament - category "Poor Bluesman", but I prefer the tone control of the Max. A stack with one controller, but it doesn't matter. As a 10" with 6L6, it is almost a slimmed Bluesman SE. Thanks to Wolfgang for the images.