Marble Harpwood

Roland sent me some pictures and specifications of the Harpwood. You can get the amp perhaps low priced (not here), because beginners can not cope with it or it is already too loud when it starts to sound.

Tubes: V1: 12AT7 (Pre-Amp) V2: 12AT7 (Rev.), V3: 12AX7 (Interstage) V4: 12AU7 (out), V5-6: 2x 6L6GC (Power Tubes), V7: 5U4GB (Rectifier Tube) Speaker: 4 x8 Bluetone, weight ~ 20 Kg.

Controls for volume, treble, middle, bass & reverb, inputs for high & low, standby switch, anti-feedback control & bright switch. The anti-feedback might not be the flavour of the month, besides noone needs it as long as the amp is well matched.